Our plans deliver some of the industry's deepest discounts and provide members more control of their health care and lifestyle spending. Here are a few reasons why members love our savings plans:

  • Nationwide access to providers
  • Discounts available at the time of service
  • Anyone can join - no exclusions
  • Fee schedules provide cost transparency
  • Compatible with HSAs, FSAs and HRAs
  • Affordable monthly and annual rates
  • Immediate value
  • No administrative forms to file
  • limits


After joining the C500 Dental Savings Plan, when can I start using it? 

You can use the discount plan and start saving right away! Your membership kit will be mailed to you after you purchase the plan; however, if you call our Member Services Department at (800) 290-0523, they can provide you with your member ID number, which you can present at one of our many participating dentists in our nationwide network.

Can I save money on braces?

When you purchase the Dental Savings Plan, you receive a 20% discount on orthodontics, including braces and retainers for children and adults.

How much is a dental cleaning?

On average, an adult dental cleaning costs $126.00*. However, with the Dental Savings Plan, you can save over 60% on the regular cost and pay an average of just $39.00** per cleaning

What's the average cost of a root canal?

Typically, a molar root canal costs $1,382.00*, but members of the Dental Savings Plan pay an average of just $508.00** per root canal. That's a savings of over 60%!

* Regular cost is based on the national average of the 80th percentile usual and customary rates as detailed in the 2015 FairHealth Report in the Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago and New York City metropolitan statistical areas.
** These fees represent the average of the assigned Careington Care 500 Plan fees in the Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago and New York City metropolitan statistical areas.
Prices subject to change.

How do discount plans work?

  • Sign up for a money-saving plan.
  • Search for a participating provider.
  • Schedule your appointment.
  • Show your membership card.
  • Save money at the time of service.